Download and install O'Print on Windows computer to share your printers to iPhone and iPad printing.
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  • O'Print program file has code signing certificates by Comodo CA Ltd. If you don't see the certification on beginning of installing O'Print file which you downloaded, please stop installation and inform us.
  • O'Print will do these necessary things as below when you install it. These would let O'Print work correct.If you don't agree it, please don't install O'Print.
    1. Install Bonjour program which developed by APPLE Computer(more about Bonjour)
    2. Allow O'Print to communicate through Windows Firewall(more about communicate through Windows Firewall)
  • O'Print will automatically connects our server to provide O'Print version information, registration information, operating system and version. Generally, we use your information to help us provide and improve our products and services for you.
  • Uninstall O'Print: When you uninstall O'Print, it would NOT remove "Bonjour" program automatically. You need to remove it manually. See more about uninstall Windows programs
  • About End-user license agreement
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